RPS Audit & Consulting

RPS Audit & Consulting is a firm with a distinct focus and desire to provide a dedicated personalized service designed to meet the needs of our clients’ services that adhere to the highest professional standards and provided at fees within the financial resources of our clients. Our credo dictates that we concentrate our energies on developing creative ideas to formulating practical solutions and producing tangible results, exceeding the expectations of our clients.Our team has sufficient capacity and knowledge what enables high-level professional services in external and internal auditing and also including execution of much more complex consulting projects and business advisory services.

Company was established in 2011, in accordance with Serbian Law on Accounting and Auditing and registered in Serbian Business Registry Agency under Registry No BD 51754/2011 (Company’s Registry No: 20732067 i Tax ID No: 107049077). Company has license for performing audit of financial statements issued by Serbian Ministry of finance (No: 401-00-2935/2014-16) and has fulfill requirements of the Law on the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing – issued license for in charge representative issued from the Administration for the prevention of money laundering.

The firm provides a full range of integrated services:

  • Audit and Review Engagements – providing professional opinions on financial statements on a full scope audit or review engagement basis.
  • Other audit engagements – related services (ISAE, ISRS).
  • Financial controlling.
  • Valuation of shares in accordance with Corporate Law and Capital market Law
  • Accounting – offering practical advice and assistance in preparation of periodic financial statements for management and statutory purposes, as well as compliance to accounting standards.
  • Business Plans – creating and developing business plans for internal management purposes and for compliance with the requirements of financial institutions for the purpose of obtaining financing (methodology of banks, Serbian development fund etc.).
  • Business Valuation – undertaking business valuations for the purpose of acquisitions, mergers, estate planning, litigation support, loan applications, real estate acquisition etc.
  • Preparation of RPPIA or Reorganization plan in accordance with Law on bankruptcy.
  • Establishing of new company – Preparation of Memorandum of Association, developing of other acts (Act on accounting, Regulations of labor, Act on systematization etc.), execution of status changes and carrying out of company liquidation process in accordance with Serbian Corporate Law.
  • Corporate Services – Financial “Due diligence” reports, preparations of Informational memorandums, business and financial restructuring plans (restructuring and insolvency), other services related to finance and accounting, where we can act as company secretary and representative in such matters.
  • Personnel Consultancy – We can avail ourselves to provide professional general advice and services to management and staff (seminars, training etc.).
  • Management Consultancy – Internal controls, system evaluation and design of internal controls, cash management, implementation of budget and cost control mechanisms, dividend policy recommendations and share valuations.
  • Taxation – Deferred taxation issues, transfer pricing, and development of tax strategies.